‘Wale Akinrogunde

My name is Olawale Akintunde AKINROGUNDE. My friends call me ‘Wale’. I am a current student at the London Seminary. The church is called Grace Church Walthamstow and is on the corner of Church Hill and Cairo Roads. God has given me the passion to see the lost brought into the care of Jesus Christ just as He has bought me. In doing this, I am unashamed to tell people about Jesus Christ. I have started and will continue to do this in Walthamstow. I also have a passion for youth work and really desire to see people grow in the Lord.In this church plant, Jesus Christ is The Shepherd. I am just an ordinary servant doing the work of The Master. I am a keen cyclist and do that often as a form of exercise. I am married with children.

Regan King

I became a Christian in 2001, having realised the truth of Christ in the Bible. Originally from Arkansas. USA, I moved with my family to London in 2003 for the purpose of church planting and revitalisation. I serve as pastor of The Angel Church in Angel, Islington. As part of The Angel Church’s sponsorship of Grace Church, Walthamstow, I assist in oversight and occassionally lead meetings. I enjoy history, reading, sport, gym exercise, cinema, and spending time with my wife, Rachel.

IMG_1635I grew up as a nominal Hindu in a small town near Jalandhar City, Punjab (India). My mother became a Christian in 1996 and through that, I found myself being exposed to Christians. We moved to London in 2001. Although I attended church with his parents for several years, I never truly understood the love and grace of God. However, in April 2008, through reading a very small but powerful gospel tract, the Holy Spirit led me to true repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I committed my life to spreading the Gospel. I am currently serving as a pastor at Grace Church Southall, West London. I am married to Sarita. She is also a Christian who fully supports my work in Southall and elsewhere. I have BSc and MSc degrees in Chemistry. I enjoy reading books, running and playing football. Every week I will be giving one day to assisting the work of Grace Church, Walthamstow and will also be around occasionally on Sundays.


Tim Gardner

IMG_1634I was brought up in a home were both my parents were Christians and faithfully taught me and my two brothers God’s word the Bible and the good news of Jesus Christ. In God’s mercy and grace I came to trust in Jesus Christ as my Saviour when I was seven, and in spite of my shortcomings and weakness, have sought to serve Him ever since.
I work as an Evangelist for my home church Hayes Lane Baptist in Bromley Kent, but every other week I have had the great privilege of working alongside my friends here in Walthamstow, sharing Jesus Christ with the people here and helping with the starting of a new church. I am excited about what God will do here in Walthamstow!